The Darkness has not overcome.



I tend to pray in metaphors.  Subconsciously it makes it easier when I feel like prayers go unanswered.  Especially when life is gritty and things that happen in this city make no sense.  I know God doesn’t need me to protect him like this.  But never the less, I tend to pray in metaphors.

My lips have often uttered the words “Shine your light on our street.”  I think what I mean when I pray this is: may I bear witness to acts of kindness, may it become easier to reach for forgiveness instead of bitterness, may walls of suspicion be broken down by moments of trust.  May goodness overcome evil.

At the end of our street, where it curves to the ally, there seems to be lots of shenanigans.  The dance between taggers and city workers that paint over their scrawled attempts to monumentalize their existence never ends.  There is a certain boldness that the cover of darkness affords.  Driving down a dark street seems to just make everything feel a little bit more sinister and suspicious.

So imagine my surprise when one day God literally answered our prayers.  We were walking some friends out after a luminous evening of lively conversation when we noticed- the streetlights had gotten a facelift.  New LED bulbs that significantly increased their  power.

More light on our street.  

My excitement over this little upgrade probably seemed a strange to our friends (“Look at the lights!?  Have you seen the streetlights!” “Uhhhh……yeah….”)  but in a way I was really rejoicing over about a little piece of the Kingdom breaking through.

In the Kingdom there is no fear.  

What is hidden is made known.  

And a Light shines in the darkness.


4 thoughts on “The Darkness has not overcome.

  1. I so get this post! – I love the literal transformation that took place in your voicing this prayer. I too live in the city and I think my new prayer will be “Shine your light on this street” Thank you.

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