Great Reads: Christmas Edition


For several years now, my dad has requested a mix CD from his kids of the songs that we have enjoyed over the previous year.  It’s been fun to revisit those old playlists from time to time and remember through songs. For example, 2007 (the year things were a bit deconstructed for me)  is such a different playlist than 2008 (the year I fell in love).  

However, this past year wasn’t really about music for me, and so I have had a hard time thinking about which songs I would put on a playlist.  Instead, I thought I would put together a list* of articles that have made an impression on me.  I’m pretty sure the purpose of the CD was to be a little insight into our lives anyways, so this should do the trick. 🙂

So Dad, without further ado:

Sarah Bessey: In Which I Am Practicing and In Which Its Not Much Fun Being the Project

Emily Wierenga: On How to Have and Extraordinary Marriage

Patheos: Dear Christian…

Sorta Crunchy: The Truth About Urban Schools

Sarah Markley: For When We Clothe Pride in Generosity

Alyssa Bacon-Liu: The Blood in my Ballot

Kathy Escobar: Down We Go: Big Tables Where Everyone Eats

Jen Hatmaker: The Election: Thoughts From a Christian Independant and In the Basement

D.L. Mayfield: Mutuality

Sarah Odell: Musings on Motherhood

Rachel Held Evans: God Can’t Be Kept Out

Joy the Baker: I Love You, Los Angeles

Kristen Howerton: How to Teach Kids How to Help with Packing

*This list is by no means comprehensive. So.Many.Good.Thoughts.

Happy Reading, and Merry Christmas!



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